Message to the Masses

In the Present Climate

Classes are suffering a bit due to bad weather, illnesses and lack of money, but linedancing is good for your soul! Forget about your troubles for a couple of hours and give it a go. You may love it, you may hate it, but at least try it - What have you got to loose?

You could even gain a totally new Social Life...

Medals News

International Dance Teachers Association (IDTA)

Haven't done any medal tests for a few years know through the International Dance Teachers Association (IDTA) as most people who wanted to do medals have done them. I am still qualified through the IDTA. So if it's something you fancy doing then we can arrange it.

Charity Events / Fundraising

Coming Soon

Not planning anything at present but if you have a charity that needs supporting then we'll consider raising money for them.

Over the years, we've raised thousands of pounds for Save the Children, air Ambulance, Marie Curie, Care International and Autism West Midlands we usually do sponsored linedances / Ho downs and raffles but in the present climate wiyh everyone feeling the pinch I've shelved fund raising for a while...

Forthcoming Events

All you retired linedancers

Put your boots back on and come and give it a whirl...

17 Years of Linedancing

Where did the years go?

I have endless patience, I also dance with special needs adults and young people. I guarantee, I can teach anyone to linedance, whatever your capability... So come and join us and enjoy the wonderful world of linedancing - you won't regret it!

Themed Birthday Parties

I am available for themed birthday parties

A little teachin goes a long way

Hoe downs, etc. Either book me for an hour, and I'll pop in and play my music through your DJ's system and instruct your guests or hire me for the evening, in which case I'll bring my own equipment. Rates negotiable, depending on time required and distance travelled, etc. These parties are not just for the youngsters, I've done many senior citizens retirement parties and displays in retirement homes where the guests have preferred to watch our display rather than join in. Corporate functions are also very popular especially Christmas and New Year's parties.

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